Club Contacts

RHS Booster Sports & Club Contacts

2018-19 Board of Directors

President: Mikko Lopez
Vice President: Michelle Dickson
Treasurer: Emily Nitta
Secretary: Holly Van Brocklin

Coach/ Advisor Organization Email
Mr. Parker Tenacious Review & Dungeons & Dragons
Mr. Beckett Tenacious Review & Dungeons & Dragons erikā€
Ms. Mamola Art Club
David Stafford Robotics
Julie Snider GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and LGBTQIA
Chris Gosney Key Club
Cheryl Pantell CSF
James Gilbert Environmental Club
Tia Summers Debate
Debbie Watson Engineering, Construction, and Design
Bryan Parker Track and Field
n/a Cheer n/a
Rick Wanlin Football and Wrestling
Cliff Collins Girls Golf
Chris Antrim Swim Team and Water Polo
Bryan Parker Cross Country
Scott Maddox Cross Country
Samantha Maxwell Volleyball
Tim Franks Boys Soccer
Marcus Bray Boys Basketball
Todd Mills Softball
Jamy Habeger Baseball
Scott Maddox Boys Golf
n/a Tennis n/a
Brad Watson Girls Soccer
Cervantes Edwards Girls Basketball